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Just a few steps from the sea there is a restaurant of coastal elegance and bohemian spirit. There is no other place, in Tivat, where you can enjoy the view, food, and atmosphere so close to the seashore. Elegant ambiance and warm welcoming create a unique experience. Just one visit is enough to become irresistibly fascinated with the charm and a good atmosphere.
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Pizza in Bevanda is a true, little masterpiece. The master prepares it right in front of you. His culinary performance will entertain you while waiting. And it’s done in just a few minutes. We bake it in the wood-fired oven gives, which gives it a special, slightly smoky taste.


in March

  • EX-Yu

    2019 20:00
    Every Saturday you can enjoy live EX YU pop-rock music. Free entry, reservations are obligatory.
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  • Kafansko vece

    05.04.2019. 21:00
    Every Friday in Bevanda, you can enjoy the live performance by the bend Kafanski biseri. Free entry, reservations are obligatory.
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